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Shifting Patterns

A sobering scientific report on the likely impacts of climate change in the Rogue Valley was published in December 2008.  In response to the report’s frightening vision of our future, Susan Cross of Medford’s Jefferson Nature Center created the “Shifting Patterns: Preparing for Unsettled Days” project.  The project, supported by the Oregon Arts Commission, gathered together 16 southern Oregon artists, including ourselves, to respond to climate change, creating a community dialogue around this issue.

One of the most disturbing aspects of climate change is its potential to affect everything.  For our response, we decided that we needed every medium we could use:  photography, scientific prose, and lyrical poetry, and to put it out there as interactively as possible.  We have created this website and the companion book, Shifting Patterns: Meditations on the Meaning of Climate Change in Oregon’s Rogue Valley  (to order, click HERE)."

The website, which will be regularly updated, contains far more images than could be presented in the book, as well as additional writing and a wealth of links to sources of scientific information and steps for practical action. Please visit our Resources web page to get started.

The words and images in this book arise from the natural world of the Rogue Valley today, and from our vision of possible futures.  From the outset of the project, we knew that we wanted to include the full range of environments around our hometown of Ashland, from the confluence of Bear and Ashland Creeks on the valley floor, to the peak of Mount Ashland.  We visited these sites, and all the habitats in between, many times during the spring and summer of 2009.

We hope these words and images may lead you to think about your own home places in new ways.  Together, we await the future, in common fear and shared hope.


The Report

The Rogue Valley
climate change
report (Exec. Summary).

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Visit our Resources web page for more
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The World to Come

Final meditation by Pepper Trail.